A Very Small Pom

I’m only a very small Pom, I wonder why I did not grow.
I thank the Lord that while I live with you I am loved, that I know.
I was brought to this house and given my space
I can see your concern as I look at your face.

I may not be large, but I have a desire to live.

And if you will help me, all my loyalty I’ll give.

If I only had the right words, I would tell you today

Don’t worry so much and I’ll be okay.

Let me enjoy my life even though I am small.

Play with me, talk to me, let me enjoy it all.

I’ll grow some and I will mature with your helping hand.

Thank you for keeping me in this huge, wondrous land.

One day I will die but I will not be sad.

I will see rainbows and heaven, and that makes me glad

And one day you’ll come and we’ll be together again

And I will be patient and wait for you – till then.

Author Unknown